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Territory: Netherlands


Zorita are a raucous rousing rabble. The band’s bohemian music boasts an eclectic mix of instruments like the accordion, trumpet and violin. In combination with bass, drums and guitars, as well as frontman Carlos Zorita Diaz’ raw voice, this creates a completely unique sound. Blending influences from South America, the Mediterranean and Folk music, an evening with Zorita is guaranteed to breathe life into any party. In their own words, the eight musicians of Zorita describe their well-oiled ragtag collection of instruments, styles and personalities as ‘Musica Vagabunda’.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2009, Zorita impressed judges and audiences in the finals of competitions like ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ (2010) and the ‘Amsterdamse Popprijs’ (2009). In the Dutch Popronde, Zorita wowed audiences nationwide. The past four years saw these seasoned musicians play dozens of festivals like Zwarte Cross (NL), Copacobana (BE), Oerol (NL), Lowlands (NL) and Boomtown Fair (UK).

Worldwide sportscaster ESPN used the energy of Zorita’s song ‘The Clyster of the World’ to promote El Classico, the Champions League confrontation of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Zorita performed at numerous Dutch radio and tv shows, including Vrije Geluiden, Radio 1, 3FM, RTV Noord-Holland and Radio 2. The band is described by Dutch magazines as “world class musicians, every one of them” and “absolutely sensational both on stage and on CD”, radio broadcaster 3FM says Zorita is “absolutely unique”.