Wolf Vanwymeersch (BE)

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Wolf Vanwymeersch took his first musical steps with Waldorf and learned to walk with The Van Jets, and he still flies and falls with Elefant. Now he’s going on a solo trip. After the first single “Not To” there is “Friendly Is Better”, a bittersweet song with an underlying message.

Vanwymeersch has been writng his own songs all his life, but since that blighted lockdown the time is right to release them and play them live. The short documentary by Anton Coene, a good friend of Vanwymeersch for years, and the first single ‘Not To’ were a fantastic foretaste. The film has become a beautiful and captivating portrait that shows the musician in all honesty.

Wolf, who grew up on The Beatles, metal and Cohen, prefers not to think in boxes, but in atmospheres. His melodies are catchy and the song structures betray an offbeat musical brain. “Friendly Is Better” is an honest quest of a musician who loves to clash between different sounds such as singer-songwriter music and electronic music. It stands out because of personal lyrics and sounds recognizable because of Wolf’s baritone voice. The underlying message of his new single is simple: a smile is key to peace of mind. Live Vanwymeersch is joined by two experienced musicians: Stijn Vanmarsenille (Future Old People Are
Wizards, Elefant) and Roeland Vandemoortele (Too Tangled, Rick de Leeuw). A recent live session at the Boma Studio in Ghent proves that they are a golden trio.



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