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Territory: The Netherlands


Wardrobe is an Indie/Alternative Band from Belgium with the talented musician Johan Verckist as its master brain. Wardrobe debuted in 2017 with its first album Crawling.

Crawling could count on attention from a variety of press, various media platforms and fans. After performing the album live, the songs became more catchier and its sound changed. This stimulated the band to re-enter the studio for album No. 2.

The new album Giving Up A Ghost, produced by Bart Vincent (Thou, Melanie De Biasio, Kris Dane) and with help of Sarah Pepels (Portland) and Patricia Vanneste (Balthazar), is the result of Wardrobe growing to a more mature sound through their live shows. As a result, the album has more musical layers in that add up to a catchier sound.

Johan is also a member of Belgian formation GLITTERPAARD with members of Millionaire, Marble Sounds and Mintzkov.

Wardrobe will be releasing its new, second album Giving Up A Ghost in March 2019 via Dox Records.

The first preview of this second album Giving Up A Ghost is new single 24 weeks, now available on all streaming- and downloadservices.