Them Dirty Dimes

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They both made music, went to the same school, lived in the same city. Besides all of this it took a few years before their love of 20’s music brought singer/guitar player Gijs de Groot and songwriter/guitar player Johan Stolk together. As soon as they found each other it was on: within a year they recorded an album and played gigs in venues like Oosterpoort and Patronaat with their band Them Dirty Dimes.

Drummer Wessel de Vries and upright bass player Sevariano Paoli are the engine of the band while trumpet player Joas Zuur brings the songs to the next level. Their eclectic set ranges from New Orleans swing to late night jazz and from gypsy to blues, while still maintaining a recognizable sound with characteristic vocals and an eye for details. Twangy guitar, double bass and a bit of brass to top it off: golden times with Them Dirty Dimes.



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