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SpaceAgePoetry was born on planet Amsterdam and likes to take you to other worlds, where danceable beats and the vocals/lyrics of Justin Samgar (PoetryPusher) come together. After performances and collaborations in different musical genres from triphop to classical music and from jazz to techno,  in 2017 Justin Samgar decided to focus on one clear concept to bring poetry and spoken word to the dancefloor.

After many rehearsals and performances with his friend Space Kadett he found his sound that best describes itself as chillrave, downtempo or slowtechno. Spacey but danceable beats and vocals with effects combined together, taking you into the bigger story.

The 1st EP Sputnik was made possible by the productions of Arjuna Schiks , Dialoque, Hessel Stuut (Polynation) and Myrthe van de Weetering. Together they form the first achievement of SpaceAgePoetry, an EP that takes you into space both musically and textually.