Simon Keats

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Territory: Europe


Who decides to hack a dance event to perform for 10,000 dance fans or to spend a month in Los Angeles without contacts or money?

Who decides to start a talk show with his brother and invite guests like Frans Duijts, Benjamin Herman, Lucky Fonz and Danny Vera and who decides to record a song in New York with his 60s hero Eric Andersen?

Simon Keats is impossible to pigeonhole, but don’t let the bravura fool you. His songs are fragile, honest and pure; atmospheric Americana at its best.

After his ‘L.A. Sessions’ ep (2015) and his ‘Time’ (2010) and ‘Space’ (2017) albums, he has continued to expand his repertoire with several tastefully styled gems. In the 2018/2019 season he plans a series of new singles, of which ‘Free’ is the first and ‘Minivan’ is the second. For musical support, he has called on Benelux’s finest: Maarten van Damme on guitar (Racoon, Wende Snijders, Stevie Ann) and Wim Geenen on drums (Admiral Freebee, Mint).



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