Sea Moya (DE)

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Territory: Benelux


Upon first listen, the varied soundscapes produced by Sea Moya enchant as much as they confound. The duo creates a wild and diverse musical journey with a collage of funk, Afrobeat, krautrock and modern electronica. Processed vocals and floating synth lines blend with real bass and drums in the same way Sea Moya’s diverse influences of modern artists like Sinkane and Toro Y Moi merge with the music of 70s idols like Can and William Onyeabor.

Unlike the commercially driven pop music of now, Sea Moya’s sound is inhabited by a strong DIY sense, which is reflected in their unique artworks and captivating videos.

Moving their center of life from Germany to Canada in recent months, Sea Moya released its debut album ‘Falmentain October 2018. After a string of singles released to critical acclaim by the likes of The Guardian, Clash Magazine and BBC Radio, the future looks bright for these young luminaries.



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