Lola’s Dice

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Territory: Europe


Lola’s Dice, an ensemble born and battle-tested by years of punk and hard rock before fusing into its current form, a consolidated tropical-rock rhythm machine. The band’s evolution has resulted in music that is a pure body-moving delight — a fuzzy blend of guitars, synths and musical sabor that is very much rooted in the percussive sounds of Latin America, yet still comfortable in its punk-ethos.

One such fusion of sounds took place at Barracão studios in Amsterdam. Headed by rhythm Sensei Alex Figueira (Fumaça Preta, Conjunto Papa Upa,) in percussion and production (who also joins for live events), the band vandalized all sorts of rhythm traditions. The resulting 4-track EP is a perfect match of genre-defying psychedelic madness and Caribbean cool.

The NY based Names You Can Trust label, known for their felt presence in the indie new Latin American music scene, was able to sneak a peek at what went down there, and decided it was its duty to humanity to release this music to a wide audience. Thus, the band’s masterpiece, Viaje al Centro de Ritmo is added to the label’s already impressive catalog. Enjoy!



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