L'Eclair (CH)

29-03 L’Eclair joins Dox Live

We are happy to announce the latest addition to our roster: L’Eclair! We will be representing L’Eclair for bookings in The Benelux.

Taking their first steps in London as a duo in 2015, Swiss combo L’Éclair expanded the band back in their hometown of Geneva. The result is a sextet inspired by groove and kraut rock of the Seventies.

Together with sound engineer Vincent Hänggi, in 2016 the six-man combo began recording for a debut album. When Cruise Control appeared in 2017, more shows followed including support for White Fence.

A genuine underground groovy scene has emerged in Geneva in recent years featuring acts like Altin Gün and Mauskovic Dance Band. Hearing these bands, L’Éclair became fascinated by their sound, created by Dutch engineer Jasper Geluk (Jacco Gardner/Allah-Lahs). They decided to get in touch directly.

L’Éclair guitarist Stefan Lilov toured Europe in the autumn of 2017 with Jacco Gardner in a special project involving Zambian rock band We Intend To Cause Havoc (W.I.T.C.H).  Jasper Geluk joined the tour too. Leading naturally to collaboration with L’Éclair.

In December 2017, the Swiss combo came to Haarlem to record a second album: an eight-track tape recording, completely analogue. On their new album, Polymoods, L’Éclair return to the retro genres of the Seventies. Cheesy erotic soundtracks, tribal grooves and German dance merge into a homogenous mix, a smooth spread to smear on your musical sandwich.

While Polymoods appears later this year, expect to see L’éclair live somewhere near you soon!