Dox Live – A Brief History

1997-2004: The Beginning

After jazz-band Sfeq parts with its record label, the musicians including saxophone player Bart Suèr decide to start their own label. The first Dox release is ‘Zimmerman’ by Sfeq’s DJ Git Hyper, followed by several Sfeq albums. Founded by musicians and known for its tailor made approach to career development, the company soon attracts the attention of other bands such New Cool Collective and Zuco103.


2003-2013: The Jazz-Pop Decade

Benny Sings is the first non-Sfeq member to join Dox. His debut album Champagne People marks the beginning of a decade in which Dox is a staple in the Jazz-Pop scene, launching the careers of Benny Sings, Wouter Hamel, Giovanca and Roos Jonker amongst others. In addition, the jazz roster keeps developing steadily with acts such as New Cool Collective, Benjamin Herman and BRUUT!.

2014-2018: Dox Records becomes Dox Amsterdam

Catering to the specific needs of a growing artist roster, the various services are structured in four units: record label Dox Records, publishing department Dox Publishing, booking agency Dox Live, and corporate division Dox Concepts. Following the rapid development of the Dox Live artist roster, Dox Records expands its roster to include artists in a wider range of genres.

2018-today: Back to the Roots

With the signing of artists such as Reinier Baas, Idema/Serierse, Ian Cleaver & Gideon Tazelaar and Mo van der Does, Dox joins forces with a new generation of exiting Dutch jazz artists. Perfectly balanced with jazz veterans such as Benjamin Herman, Anton Goudsmit and John Engels, the label is ready to bring these Dutch jazz treasures to the international stage.