Hi Hawaii (BE)

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Territory: The Netherlands


2 musical epicureans present popsongs with delirious outbursts. Hi Hawaii’s Jens Bouttery & Lennart Heyndels bring an homage to everyday life by means of self-irony, honesty and grandiose household drama. Their live performances have a wild reputation with a crazy sauce of modular analogue synths, spicy samples and untamed vocals on top of their interlocked bass & drum-vaganza.

Both multi-instrumentalists have a rich background in jazz (Jef Neve, Thunderblender, Kaja Draksler, Ben Sluijs), theatre (Wunderbaum, BOG., Club Guy & Roni) and film music (Anthony Schateman, Moon Blaisse) and they do not fear to put these elements into play.

For their debut album “The List” released in March 2020 on W.E.R.F.-records, they extended their sound with horns, flutes and strings to blend in with the modular synths they joyfully tweak. The result is an unrestrained personal voyage with the aura of a pinball machine that might make you dance, laugh and cry at the same time.



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