Hadewych Minis

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Hadewych Minis (Maastricht, 1977) grew up with music. Both of her parents are baroque musicians and as a child Hadewych dreamed of studying at the conservatory. Unfortunately at her audition, she was deemed to be too young. So she ended up at theatre school.

Not that she failed at acting. In 2005, she became part of Theatre Group Amsterdam where she shone in many productions. She also had recurring roles in TV series such as Floor Faber and De Kroon. On the big screen, Hadewych featured in films such as Phileine Zegt Sorry, Zwart Water Kicks, Majesteit and Loft. In 2007, Hadewych took on the lead role in the film Moordwijven by Dick Maas and in 2012 she was the winner in the TV programme Wie is de Mol? Since 2012, Hadewych was playing Rachel Hazes in the musical Hij gelooft in mij. She also stars in the film Borgman which was realeased in 2013.

A Louis Theroux documentary inspired her to shake things up. The show’s message was that people should do what made them the most happy. So she made music the number one in her life again. Critics loved her debut album Hadewych Minis (2013), with its mix of pop, funk and punk, and the response to her first club tour was overwhelming. Her very successful second album The Truth And Nothing But The Truth was released in October  2014.