DJ Miss Twist

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Territory: Benelux


Vintage vinyl dj, the one and only Miss Twist, creates a super fab atmosphere with her incomparable collection of Fifties and Sixties’ 45 rpm singles. She has been collecting records since she was fourteen. More than she can count. They call her the Queen of Vinyl and when she spins those platters everyone has a great time. Miss Twist looks amazing – it’s like she stepped straight out of the Sixties. Always friendly, when she takes to the stage everyone’s happy and feeling groovy. She selects the perfect playlist for every occasion from her celebrated record collection.

A few important genres:
– Northern-, obscure and less obscure Soul (Tamla, Motown)
– Rhythm & Blues, Popcorn
– Crooners & Highshool tunes
– Twist, Monkey, Mambo, Cha Cha, Bossa Nova
– Instrumentals
– Lounge & Happy Music
– 60’s Beat
– Latin, Jazz & Boogaloo
– Doo Wop & Rock & Roll
– Girl Groups & wacky tunes



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