Deelder & van der Lek

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Two giants together on stage: Jules Deelder and Boris van der Lek’s repertoire features robust, catchy tracks and wonderful ballades reminiscent of the best of the glorious history of jazz interspersed with stories and verse by Deelder.

Poet & author & artist & jazz fanatic & drummer & Spartan, Deelder and tenor saxophonist Van der Lek (Herman Brood & his Wild Romance, Golden Earring, the Houdinis) have played together regularly for 32 years since they first met at the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

What few people know: it was legendary impresario Paul Acket who enabled Boris to debut at North Sea Jazz at the age of 18 in a now equally legendary tenor battle. That was when Boris crossed tenor saxes with big league players Arnett Cobb, Flip Phillips and Buddy Tate. Today, Boris represents the last of the uncut ‘tough Texas tenor men’ still walking on this planet.

Deelder and Van der Lek are accompanied (all being well) by top musicians such as guitarist Cok van Vuuren (Fay Lovsky, Ocobar, Beau Hunks, Mathilde Santing, Leo Blokhuis & Ricky Koole), drummer Arend Niks (Corrie en de Grote Brokken, New Niks, Orkater, Scapino Ballet & John Cale) and bass Peter Wassenaar (Big Jay McNeely, Bram Vermeulen, Maarten van Roozendaal). This is the formation that recently released the album JAZZ.

Jules Deelder (vocals, percussion), Boris van der Lek (tenor sax), Peter Wassenaar (bass), Cok van Vuuren (guitar), Arend Niks (drums)

Also available as trio: Boris, Jules and Peter.