Colin Vallon Trio (CH)

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Territory: The Netherlands


Hearing the Colin Vallon Trio feels like you’re being knocked over by a wave, pulled under and spun around by the undertow. It’s an immersive experience, beautifully disorienting and dream like. The music they make changes the mundane into the magical and uncanny, like a David Lynch classic or the haikus of master Hosai Ozaki. Technically it’s jazz, because it’s improvised and the people behind it are beastly, seasoned musicians. Tangentially, their sound fits the ECM paradigm – of course it does, it’s their label – the skilled use of silence to evoke tension etc. But it’s so much more than that. Think of it as an ever-evolving, shapeshifting universe constantly in flux. By the time you think you’ve got it all figured out, it’s already becoming something else. Colin Vallon Trio are: Colin Vallon (piano), Patrice Moret (bass) and Julian Sartorius (drums). When they play, they are one.



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