Bear Valour

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Bear Valour (previously known as Book of Eli) is the band formed by lead singer/guitarist Aileigh Awad. With four singers, two guitars, a subtle synth and a rugged double bass, they create dark, dreamy folk with longing melodies and dangerously intertwined vocal harmonies. Their concerts are described as magical and characterized by an intimate, warm atmosphere.

After winning the audience price during the Grote Prijs-contest they released their first EP Sturdy Wine in November 2015 in a sold-out Noorse Zeemanskerk. Soon after that followed the cinematic music video for Mourning Gloom, the single that got a Best Track-nomination for the Rotterdam Music Awards 2016.

With quite some gigs under their belt, e.g. Songbird and Oerol Terschelling, Bear Valour plays more and more shows across the border. Their Tour des Chateaux in the summer of 2016, during which the band toured around castles in Belgium and France, was such a big success that Bear Valour nowadays regularly travels to a French castle, monastery or living room for a concert. Their single, Shed My Skin, was recorded in and around the citadel of the French town Montmédy.

In January 2017 Bear Valour started the analogue recording process of their full-length debut In October.  In October is a collection of songs the band wrote in the past ten years, mostly in the month October. The album is out now. Listen to In October here.