A Murder in Mississippi (BE)

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Territory: The Netherlands


A Murder in Mississippi is a six-piece band from Ghent, Belgium. They play Roots: a blend of Americana, Country, Folk, Blues and Irish Traditional. The band members share their passion for music and merge their diverse influences into a wide array of sounds, creating a distinct style and contemporary twist in their repertoire. The soft harmonies and catchy melodies will take you along to the wide North American plains! The Mississippi River is often regarded as the backbone of the United States. The river slithers through ten states, each with their own unique cultural setting. While the many Slavic and Irish immigrants settled the northern Frontier states, introducing their Polka and Folk, down south, cities like Memphis and New Orleans became important breeding grounds for genres such as Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock & roll. The Mississippi River is a natural connection of these roots and Americana-genres, genres that A Murder in Mississippi converge in their sound. But the Mississippi River also has a dark and vicious side: the Southern states have a high unsolved murder rate. The many alligators roaming the Bayou and the Mississippi Delta are very eager to help evidence “disappear”. The alligator is a recurring symbol, almost a mascot, for A Murder in Mississippi.