Dox Live is the international booking agency run by Dox music company of Amsterdam.

We book artists with the Dox Records label as well as many other unique acts.

Dox Live is a landing strip for bands from the UK and the US, bands aiming to build a live career with a well-thought-out long-term strategy.

Dox Live organises tours drawing on a wide and finely-meshed network of clubs and festivals throughout Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as providing promotional and production support in close consultation with each band.

Dox Live also produces concerts for management and booking agencies in need of tailored and personal support in the European market.

Dox Live is a unique booking office. As part of Dox (including publishing, label, management and an academy within one holding) Dox Live is based on a broad base of expertise, networks and experience in the music industry. Artists find that our support goes far further than just booking concerts. The hackneyed promise of artist-friendly cooperation is something that actually happens at Dox Live.