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Territory: Benelux


The release of 5K HD’s debut album And To In A in 2017 catapulted the band almost immediately to supergroup status. Each of the members was already well known in his or her own right; united on stage they proved to be a force of nature, celebrated at pop festivals as an atmospheric experience and at jazz festivals as virtuosic innovators.

Supergroup 5K HD consists of Schmieds Puls singer Mira Lu Kovacs and Kompost 3. The improvisational, multifaceted jazz/funk/groove skills of the four Kompost 3 players are extended by one of Austria‚Äôs most expressive voices. Without laptops they create a trip through jazzy, dubstep and breakbeat worlds, with effortless funk riffs and prog rock acrobatics, while never losing touch with pop. They somehow manage to stay perfectly balanced through some diverse, constantly shifting musical terrain. On their much anticipated second album High Performer the Austrian avant-garde group criticises the fast-paced, capitalist world we live in: ‘continuously pushing to unachievable goals and never satisfied by the results’.



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