Groova Palooza

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Groova Palooza from Utrecht, the Netherlands brings a dirty, pumping mix of genres like funk, afrobeat and groove. The band members met each other by coincidence in a big traffic jam on the way to Paris. Later they ran into each other again during a jam session in Utrecht, where they found out they have a very similar musical vision. They decided to team up under the name Groova Palooza and record an EP in the Big Dog Recordings studio in Antwerp.

The EP, which is titled Alpaca Party, brought them directly to festivals like Jazz in Duketown and Parkparade. In 2018 the band will release some new material.

Groova Palooza, a band that provides swirling crowds, with the best music to dance on. Think about funk, like Sam Kininger, Trombone Shorty and Maceo Parker.



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